Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hidden Canyon hike

This was a two mile round trip up a steep switchback trail to the opening of a small slot canyon between two of Zion's towering cliffs. We hiked about half a mile up the slot until it was blocked by a rockfall, seeing a lovely little arch and enjoying the cool, quiet atmosphere.
The photos: Double arch alcove in the Kolob section of Zion national park. This was reached after a lovely six mile hike up a meandering creek, which took us way longer than expected as we stopped to photograph the wildflowers, butterflies, and lizards that we saw along the way.

There's a photo of a butterfly on wildflowers, blooming cliffrose, the Zion cliffs on our one stormy day, and a fallen log in Hidden Canyon, a short slot canyon reached via a steep climb up a mile high switchback trail.

Vegas/Zion/Grand Canyon

Mike and I have returned from a short anniversary trip to Vegas/Zion/Grand Canyon. We flew in to Vegas, drove up to Zion for three days where we did several hikes, drove to North rim Grand for one day, and then spent three days back in Vegas.
It was a lovely short trip, with spring springing and butterflies, lizards, and wildflowers everywhere. We had amazingly good weather, about 10 degrees cooler than usual due to a system rolling through to the North.